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  • 35% Drama
  • 10% Fantasy
  • 10% Action
  • 8% Sci-Fi
  • 7% Mystery
  • 6% Crime
  • 25% Others
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Favorite Series

Emerald City
I gotta say this show is kind of good. I wasn't really sure i was going to like it. Just started watching it out of boredom but i end up loving it. Really recommend it !!!!
I loved the books and even tho the movie wasn't exactly like the books i also loved that one. When they said they were going to make a serie out of it i was overjoyed. To bad the casting sucks, the storyline sucks and the graphics suck! I dont know how this got a season 2 and devious maids was cancelled. And clary....... i mean just dont! Of all the actors in the show she is the worst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Taboo (2017)
I loveeeeeee this show. I just watched one episode but liked every second of it. Cant wait for the rest of the season!
I can't say that much cause i just watched the first episode but is has potential. I an very curious as too how they will further this show.
American Gothic (2016)
I liked the show at the beginning but im like at episode 11 and i lost my interest. Its getting predictable and the storylines are actually getter worst.
Its to bad that the show will only have 8 episodes. I really like it.
I actually really like the show. I find i ironic that the girl was a suspect the whole show for a murder and actually killed somebody in the last episode. I recommend it.
there is already a season 2 with 6 episodes. Why isn't it online ??
Van Helsing
Don't know what i think about it. First episode was kinda mideocar. If the second episode doesn't wauw me im out. There are better shows.