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I'm just someone whose obsessed over tv series :)

Favorite Series
The Originals
I love it except it's kinda annoying for the fact that the intro for each episode in season 1, it has Klaus saying "my siblings & i are the first vampires.." other wise, i like it.
The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 16
First comment, & by April, there's gonna be a lot of comments
The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 9
The Walking Dead
It's so obsessing to be honest, i binge watched it, It's SO GOOD!!!!! Glenn, Rick, & Carl are my faves
Liv and Maddie
I LOVE this series! But I only watch it here in case i missed an episode (i usually watch this on TV)
The Vampire Diaries
SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!) I miss Elena already, i have a feelings that she's gonna come back :) I mean like, they DID give us hints/clues.
Gravity Falls
This is one of my FAVORITE show of all time, literally!!!
The Shannara Chronicles
Oh my gosh, this is AMAZING!! i really thought it would be "boring" but boy! I was wrong!
Teen Wolf
Every episode is so amazing!! Me & my besties LOVE this show so much!!!!
The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 9
This is SO amazing! Stefan and that girl?? What?? Anyways Elena and Damon are couples for life!
Scream Queens
Fantastic! Ariana is just too cute to be true <3! To be honest, all of them are so great at acting!
The Vampire Diaries
I LOVE this series! If you watch only one episode, trust me, you'll be obsessed!
The Vampire Diaries
The Vampire Diaries is awesome! Elena has this WONDERFUL relationship with Damon and Stefan! Even though she's with Damon now, but its cute, If you watch ONE episode, you'll be OBSESSED. No joke. Everyone should watch this, its AMAZING!