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  • 20% Drama
  • 20% Comedy
  • 13% Action
  • 11% Adventure
  • 7% Crime
  • 6% Sci-Fi
  • 23% Others
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Favorite Series
The Blacklist
God. This show is so well done. The suspense just keeps you glued!
The Mentalist
Funny and quite interesting. Got a wee bit forced towards the last season. A good show nonetheless
Hawaii Five-0
Love the jokes and the team chemistry. The show needs more Danny!
Didn't enjoy the first 4 seasons much. But once Lois Lane came in, boy did this show pick up...re-watched this a couple times ahha!
Wow! Just....wow! I can never get enough of this show. JOKER'S ON POINT! DAYUM SON!
Modern Family
Funny. Definitely funny. Buut, it seems to be getting to o predictable/slow at the moment. Loved the first 5 seasons!
That finale was SOO bad. Took away any feelings I had of re-watching this show sadly. Other than that, this was quite an...intersting show : P
Underrated show! Needs some more publicity! It's on par with the top shows right now. Slow seaon 4, but other than that...10/10
Person of Interest
-sigh- Money/copyrights ruining yet another great show! Wish we could've had MUCH more of this. John's such a baddass!
The cast chemistry is on point! Started off as one of my favourite shows but started takin' a dip (gets slow/repetative) towards it's last few seasons sadly
Breaking Bad
Addicting from the get-go. Makes you feel as if you're actually living Walter's life, ahha!
How I Met Your Mother
So funny! Barney keeps you entertained for sure : P. Didn't like the "Mom" hype towards the end of the show though.
One of the greatest comedic sitcoms everrrr!
Game of Thrones
Breh. Dragons. Breh. Nudity. Breh. Awesome. Breh. Addicting
The Flash
My God! One of the best Superhero shows out right now. Quite engrossing
Meh. Okay at best. Has it's moments