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  • 24% Drama
  • 14% Fantasy
  • 13% Sci-Fi
  • 11% Mystery
  • 8% Horror
  • 8% Action
  • 22% Others
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Favorite Series
12 Monkeys
This is one of the best tv shows ever,If you haven't watched it yet, then you should. You'll never regret watching it.
I guess this show is alright..but i knew who the killer was as soon as they introduced the character, i think it was a bit predictable.
Really dark but amazing. It's one of the best TV shows in the mystery genre! but It's sometimes pretty predictable. But overall its great,it's better than scream queens for sure.
Stranger Things
It's great! It's kinda like supernatural. It's also really addictive.
It's great! It's almost never boring.
Best show ever!
This show is Amazing! <3 It's really addictive!
Smallville Season 6 Episode 10
Lana is the worst character ever, she demands privacy and wants her secrets to be kept, but she can't respect anyone else's privacy, and wants to know everyone's secret, like mind your own business? Chloe 'has' to keep her secret or else she will be hurt but she has to know Clark's secret even though Chloe is Clark's friend too.
Supernatural Season 11 Episode 20
I've read many articles about how he is actually God but i shrugged it off .....i didn't think it was actually true omg!
I'm sorry :/ , This show is pretty good.
3 seasons in, i can't watch it anymore,i heard it was good i gave it a shot,it's just too cheesy,and i hate almost every character, especially Lana Lang aka the worst bitchiest character ever. The only character i like is the best friend and Chloe that's all,i also kind of hate Clark because he can't stand up for himself when he's with Lana, she's such a manipulative character, and i hate that he can't see it.
The Vampire Diaries
One of the best shows ever :)
Smallville Season 2 Episode 19
What really annoys me is that this bitch can kick and fight like Clark Kent after like what 3 minutes of training,wtf?
My favorite show of all time <3
The Flash
Well,damn this show was Amazing,i did not expect it to be super good at all.I thought it would be boring and the first few episodes were okay,but it got really interesting after that.And this show is really amazing.