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  • 34% Drama
  • 16% Crime
  • 11% Action
  • 10% Adventure
  • 5% Western
  • 5% Sci-Fi
  • 18% Others
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Favorite Series
I can't get any to run anymore. I keep getting pop up pages they just won't run on any player
I love this show I wish there was more of it.
White Collar Season 6 Episode 6
Absolutely LOVE THIS SHOW! Wished it never would end. Great show. Loved the ending.
White Collar
Wish it would never end.
Wayward Pines
I give up on this one it is so unreal it is a waste of time and brain power. Not entertaining anymore.
Wayward Pines
This is getting to grizzly and bloody. I really like this program but now it goes against my sensibilities. I am not watching this anymore. I wish it didn't show the cannibalism.
It's OK but too much violence for me. I would like more working on the tats instead of always doing a "beat down".
I loved this show why did they discontinue it. It was one of the best shows ever. Love Ioan Gruffudd (Henry Morgan)
It gets old especially since DARC comes on the scene don't like the creepy magic and killing.
The Flash
Same thing over and over he just streaking everywhere always after ZOOM. Gets boring after awhile.
The Blacklist
A little to violent for me but my husband likes it. Interesting how they gave the people such ranges of emotion with the plots they used.
I could watch this episode after episode. He is so arrogant but such a genius. They picked the right guy for the role. I am addicted.
At times it was real juvenile. But most of the time it really worked. Looking forward to more episodes.