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  • 20% Drama
  • 17% Action
  • 14% Fantasy
  • 13% Sci-Fi
  • 12% Adventure
  • 7% Comedy
  • 18% Others
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Favorite Series

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4
is there any one of these links that are not fucking dead?
Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 6
The subtle shift of power at kings landing and a ready to battle Mother of Dragons can't wait to see this shit play out.
Grimm Season 5 Episode 22
Is it me or all the links the same as the 21 epp
The Magicians (2016)
Very good and interesting portrayal of a magical fantasy world. The magic is cool and the story is strong its like a dramatic well done tv series version of Harry potter.
If you hare heavy into fantasy and supernatural lore that ranges anything from vampires to Demons then this is the one and only show for you. It has everything with full in depth lore during each episode which make it feel all that more real. One of the best tv series out there top 5 for sure.
Game of Thrones
Simple put this is the best Show ever made for human TV/screen entertainment hands down. Think of the thing you liked most that you have ever watched then x that by 1 trillion then you are half way to how good game of thrones is.
One of the best DC series ever made to me its still slightly better than Flash.
The Magicians (2016)
Very good start reminds me of a combination of harry potter/ lord of the rings magic mixed with a Mortal Instruments feel and type of story telling. There is also a hint of gore so its going for the more adult approach hope but we shall see.
Childhood's End
Watched it from start to end (ep3) in one night. To me it was amazing the emotion it brings with it as it reaches to the end is just mind numbing. I like the characters the story can be seen a bit christian but it kind of is kind of not sort of thing.